As leading Australian CBRN experts that personally understand the interface between the operator, equipment and the environment, you can rely on J3Seven for our in-depth experience, honesty, integrity and professionalism.

J3Seven is committed to protecting lives. We source, test and provide the world’s best equipment in detection, protection, defence and training solutions for the dedicated people working in complex and highly lethal environments.


J3Seven knows that stability, security and absolute confidence are essential to minimise risk for people working in the field. We extend this philosophy to our team, and believe in a balanced work life so that when you work with J3Seven, you are engaging a stable, confident team that can support your mission at all levels.



It takes creative thinkers and former operators (with field experience) to develop effective, reliable CBRN solutions. We invest heavily in research and development, attend conferences and courses around the globe, have built solid relationships with the world’s most innovative suppliers, and visit test facilities and universities to continuously learn what is happening in our industry.


J3Seven strive to deliver the right solution for each situation. Our devotion extends from many years of duty, supporting the Australian military and government. We know first-hand the impact complex and highly lethal situations have on people’s lives, and are committed to delivering the best products and training solutions for our clients and their team.

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