Backpack Radiation Detector

The identiFINDER R700 Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) offers new spectroscopic broad-search capabilities. Once dismounted, the R700 provides the capabilities required to successfully perform wide-area searches quickly and efficiently while offering exceptional sensitivity, communication, and trusted spectroscopic algorithms in a lightweight, ergonomic form-factor.

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Backpack Radiation Detector

Interrogate and isolate radiological threats quickly

The identiFINDER R700 offers advanced spectroscopic algorithm and detection techniques scaled to a man-portable backpack for increased sensitivity and speed.

Deploy at the scene or on the move, covertly

The R700 can be configured as a nondescript backpack or a stationary screening device, allowing for multiple mission sets from covert wide-area searches to temporary checkpoints.

Share intelligence broadly, or operate silently

The R700 provides critical information to decision makers quickly and is able to do so in real-time and on demand. Wireless communications and a robust API enable integration with user-deployed networks. Tethered-display options provide a radio silent (air-gapped) option for highly sensitive missions.