Case Entry System

One system, multiple options. The Monica Remote Case Entry System is the only equipment in the world which allows EOD/CBRN teams to quickly investigate and neutralise chemical and biological threats by directly with the internal contents.

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Case Entry System

  • In-situ sampling of CB munitions and IEDs
  • Any target, size, shape and material
  • Fast, safe investigation and neutralisation

It can also be used to investigate non-explosive CBRN and toxic chemical threats. It has been used across the world by EOD, CBRN and specialist teams to counter threats.

The Monica system inserts a gas tight self-sealing probe through the target casing in a wide range of materials including metal and plastics. Once installed, the probe gives fully sealed access for sampling, extraction or neutralisation of the contents. It can also be used for investigations using endoscope systems.

Fully portable with no need for mains power, the target can be sampled and drained a short time after arrival on site. The technology can be attached to any target, with even limited access, and in any position. Once drilled, the target can be sampled, drained and decontaminated through the same probe without the need for further drilling.