CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

The CBR multi-purpose wipes are intended for use by military and civilian security/first response personnel.

J3Seven is a provider for CBRN equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes

The CBR multi-purpose wipes are available in two configurations (kits and singles) containing the individually package wetted wipe.

The kit configuration has five wipe packets sealed inside an overpack pouch. The kit is configured to be easily carried in a uniform pocket or placed in an emergency response bag.

Use for CBR multi-purpose wipes are for immediate and operational decontamination of hard surfaces, military and first responder equipment.

  • Easy and intuitive–use immediately out of the package to wipe away contaminants.
  • Effective and proven–the US Department of Defense conducted extensive testing of the wipe with the unique chemistry against chemical and biological agents, toxic industrial chemicals and materials and other agents of concern.
  • Material compatibility–the US Department of Defense testing has proven the CBR multi-purpose wipes chemistry to have excellent compatibility under typical use as established by extensive testing on a variety of materials and substrates.
  • Equipment compatibility–decontaminates sensitive and critical equipment allowing the mission to proceed.
  • Safety–originally developed for skin use in the healthcare market, the wipe unique chemistry is dermatologically safe.