Container Delivery System

Maximise stock and wildlife management by utilising existing aircraft and the Ambrosia Container Delivery System (CDS).

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Container Delivery System

Higher, faster, safer, cheaper. By utilising existing CDS-qualified airdrop aircrews and aircraft, a 24-hour multi-ship attack operation can be mounted to drop feed and fodder with no additional personnel training or asset modifications required. The Ambrosia system is deployed below and behind the aircraft at higher altitudes and airspeeds (152 metres during the day and 305 metres AGL at night) which allows for more effective dispersal and greater coverage of the target area. The system is also lightweight and has an unparalleled payload to system ratio meaning more payload at lower gross weight.

Each Ambrosia releases its contents below and behind the aircraft in an overlapping pattern to deliver a direct drop or lay a long, consistent, solid line of feed, fodder, vegetation, or produce.