Exothermic Breaching Support System

The EBSS is a transportable system that supports sustained direct exothermic breaching operations and refillable oxygen systems.

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Exothermic Breaching Support System

The EBSS mobile platform is a modified John Deere 825 Diesel XUV utility vehicle equipped with a 4-cycle diesel 854 cc engine, aluminium reinforced cab roof, high-output lighting, and operating winch with 680kg towing capacity. These features on an open-cab design make the EBSS suited for hauling exothermic breaching equipment to remote and hard-to-reach locations.

At the rear of the EBSS are two panels enabling access to the O2 HP cylinder bank. The cylinder bank holds nine O2 HP cylinders, nine individual control valves, and an additional side panel with O2 bank pressure gauge, O2 HP valve and HP fill port. Two adjustable O2 regulators enable separate and simultaneous cutting operations. This capability includes dual gauge QD connection panels, dual O2 LP output outlets, and dual 15.2 meters LP O2 hose reels stored on two manually operated reels.



  • On-board O2 storage cylinders.
  • Output regulators.
  • LP breaching reels.
  • Tool storage.
  • Generator.