Exothermic Breaching Visor

The Exothermic Breaching Visor and bracket assembly includes a flip-down shield with mounting bracket. The visor and bracket are machined to fit the contours of an FM-53 gas mask while keeping a low profile.

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Exothermic Breaching Visor

The two LED head lamps are rechargeable and are combination flashlight beams with motion sensor ON/OFF.



  • Shield is green shade 5 IR polycarbonate and meets the following standards: ANSI Z87 + High Impact, CSA-Z94.3, ASTM F2178 and NFPA 70E 2009.
  • Bracket includes anchors for securing into gas mask visor attachment points and mounting points for included light.
  • Includes LED light attachment.
  • Light utilises 1200mAh lithium-ion battery charged by USB type-c. IPX4 waterproof with silicon housing. Qty 2 lights includes (light not TAA compliant).