Portable Air or Oxygen Storage System

The Crew Serve Portable Air or Oxygen Storage System is a total-function compressed Air or Oxygen workstation.

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The Crew Serve Air or Oxygen Storage System

Both gas bottles can be removed independently of each other and used with a backpack for single large-volume capability in small, confined spaces. The portable air or oxygen storage system is developed for Medical, First Responders, Police Special Operations, Fire Fighters, CBRN Hazmat Teams and Search & Rescue applications. It provides up to 191 SCF of compressed Medical Grade Oxygen (at 3000psi) and 242 SCF of air at 4500psi for use as a large-volume medical oxygen and air station utilising the capability of two separate working bottles independent from each other. The Crew Serve in the oxygen configuration can also serve as a fuel source for exothermic cutting tools to aid in confined space rescue.

The Crew Serve is in a ruggedised protective housing for operations in the most hazardous environments. Additional accessories for medical, exothermic cutting, or air storage are available separately. These accessories are interchangeable due to American Society for Testing and Materials spec fittings and connections. The system is compact and lightweight for a single person or vehicle borne transportation. Due to the separate operation of both bottles, endless possibilities are available for an operational team and situational requirements.



  • Dual 550 cu-in, aluminium-lined, carbon-fibre Cylinders.
  • Optimum Fill: air 4500psi, oxygen 3000psi.
  • LP working pressure: air 120psi, oxygen 80psi.
  • No charge Hydrostatic testing (every 5 years).



  • Weight: total system 45.4kg. individual cylinder weight is 9.5kg.
  • Dimensions: 914mm L x 533mm W x 279mm D
  • Air Capacity: 6,843L (6.85 cubic meters)* at 4500psi.
  • Capacity: 3,679L at 3000psi.