Trepanning System

The MATE Trepanning systems offers EOD teams a more flexible approach for coring munitions. It is designed to act as a replacement for older trepanning systems to cover any capability gap as they are phased out of service, and to allow the deployment of a cutting system where hydro-abrasive systems may present an unacceptable logistical burden.

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Trepanning System

  • Reduce digging and shoring operations
  • Faster, smoother cutting

Unlike current in-service systems, it does not require access to the circumference of the device. Instead it utilises the Monica vacuum system, therefore requiring only a portion of the munition to be visible (300x400mm). This reduces the need for digging and shoring operations, meaning less disruption to civilian or military operations.

A hydraulic or pneumatic motor is used to power an annular (hollow) cutter to allow the wall of a munition to be breached so that munition fill can be accessed. Alternatively a cutter may be used to trepan a hole around a fuze pocket allowing it to be removed intact from the munition body.

Cuts up to 100mm in diametre to depths of up to 50mm.