Twin Vessel Air Storage System

The TVASS is a large volume, compressed, grade E breathing air workstation, designed to provide a modular and mobile platform for refill of SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) for systems/operations that require larger volumes of air.

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Twin Vessel Air Storage System

TVASS is equipped with a QF4 High Pressure fitting which provides high flow rate fill and hose connections with multiple TVASS units or connections directly to the AirJam. It provides up to 902CF (at 6000psi) of compressed breathable air, providing a significant benefit to a team in need of a highly portable yet substantial source of breathable air.

The system has been designed to be stacked and connected together to create a larger bank of air dependant on operational needs. The modularity provides the end user with the ability to use on any vehicle platform in inventory.



  • Twin 1910 cu-in in aluminium lined carbon fibre cylinders.
  • Cylinders can be used independently or together without user connection.
  • Each cylinder has a 914.4mm dual FD17 (Female/Male) charge block hose with pressure gauge for independent refill or cascade with separately connected TVASS.
  • QF4 manifold connected with isolation ON/OFF valve with bleed for connection to separate TVASS, bank, or AirJam system. This allows large volumes of air to be transferred without freezing overtime.
  • Removable and stowable wheels for system staking and mobility when required.
  • Built-in mounting system for connecting multiple TVASS systems together.
  • Capacity: 25,542.9L at 6000psi (25.5 cubic meters).
  • Weight: 88.9kg empty/ 114.3kg filled at 6000psi.
  • Dimensions: 1435.1mm H x 304.8mm D x 584.2mm W.