Ultra-Portable Remote Case Entry System

Viper is developed to offer significant capability, but in a compact, lightweight package capable of being carried in a single rucksack.

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Ultra-Portable Remote Case Entry System

  • Entire system weighs less than 15kg and fits in a standard rucksack
  • Sealed access, sample drain and back flush through one penetration
  • Modular configuration allows operators to optimise the equipment
  • Smart technology means fast, efficient drilling and minimal user burden

Its modular design ensures an operator can configure it to deal with almost any target in any environment. This design is also highly cost effective as most system components are reusable.

Its smart drive unit and control system optimises the drilling performance regardless of the target material. An operator needs only to push a single and then leaver Viper to handle the drilling and sealing process. Users can monitor the operation's progress via the control unit digital readout and in-built camera feed. With remote operations possible out to 100m+, pre-deployment checks and seal integrity testing, Viper prioritises safety.