VideoRay Defender ROV

The Mission Specialist Defender is designed for more precise control of the vehicle position and orientation, heavier payloads, and demanding intervention.

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VideoRay Defender ROV

With seven thrusters, the Defender can move in any direction and maintain an active pitch to face the vehicle in an upward or downward orientation.

Adding third-party control and navigation software from Greensea Systems and Seebyte makes the Defender a popular configuration for dangerous or heavy-duty missions.


  • Weight in air: 17.2kg without ballast
  • Weight (sub and panel): 36.7kg
  • Depth rating of up to 1000m
  • Max speed of 4.1 knots
  • Control box: expeditionary splashproof controller and workhorse operator control console
  • Submersible dimensions: 71.12 x 39.37 x 23.80 cm