Ready for Any Challenge


Building the capability of your people to readily face threatening scenarios is a challenge.

World-class protection with cutting-edge CBRNE equipment keeps people safer on the battlefield, during a natural disaster or at a contaminated crime scene.

If protecting people, assets and communities is a priority for you, J3Seven is committed to co-creating solutions with you to better service national security.

Join J3Seven to find practical and sustainable solutions that ensure your valued personnel are protected and well-equipped to outpace emerging threats.


As a specialist systems integrator, J3Seven is the partner of choice for the Australian Defence Force, Emergency Services bodies and law enforcement agencies when it comes to game-changing solutions that protect them in the line of duty.

Supported by on shore maintenance and dynamic training programs, J3Seven’s customers have the upper advantage when it comes to quality service, stronger up-time and access to global innovations.

Trusted to protect defence, emergency responders and law enforcement personnel around the country and across the globe, J3Seven’s solutions have been responsible for saving lives, critical assets and vital infrastructure.


Founded over ten years ago, the systems that J3Seven sources, creates and maintains enhance Australia’s security and ability to respond to critical threats and environments.

Founded and led by ex-Special Operations Commander, Gareth Molnar, the team is largely made up of ex-service people and veterans with decades of active frontline experience.

For over a decade, we have been bringing next generation technology to Australia to protect the people who serve our nation.

“Our team of engineering masterminds take pride in developing technical solutions, system design and integration, manufacturing and assembly, creation and delivery of training packages, and through-life maintenance and repair.”


Through partnering with J3Seven, customers can be the first-in-market with game changing CBRNE, EOD and special reconnaissance products.

An unwavering spirit of ingenuity helps to build trusted relationships with suppliers and purchasers that focus on human safety and wellbeing.

J3Seven’s products and systems enhance Australia’s security and ability to respond to critical threats and environments.

Operational and capability leaders rely on the high quality equipment and discreet, strategic advice that spans across all security risks involved in CBRNE preparation and deployment.

A customised approach

Join J3Seven to take five simple steps to finding the best solution for your challenge.

Immersion – Taking a deep dive to conduct research on and off the field and understand the complexity of every challenge

Collaboration – Opening doors to the world’s best innovators, identify fit-for-purpose products and form lasting partnerships

Customisation – Engineering masterminds at J3Seven are ready to customise products to meet your unique needs and objectives

Localisation – Putting every product to the test, simulate different scenarios to test international products in the local Australian context

Extension – Ensuring every client has a local team and every product’s lifespan is extended, high quality maintenance, servicing and training is only a call a way.


Ensure your personnel are ready to safely address the next challenge – whatever it may be.

Why We Care

Our team is passionate about making global technology, insight and expertise a local capability for Australia.

Building on decades of heard-earnt frontline experience and knowledge we research, imagine, innovate and integrate the best equipment the world has to offer – making it available, maintainable and trainable, all on Australian soil.  

A team of engineering masterminds at J3Seven has proven expertise in system design, analysis and integration to make us Australia’s strongest specialist systems integrator.

Ensure your personnel are ready to safely address the next challenge – whatever it may be.